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    Pump Assistance Program
Our sister organization, Insulin Pumpers, provides support and information about diabetes management, pump technology, and other innovations in the field of diabetes care. Insulin Pumpers has on-line forums with thousands of members young and old, including parents, kids and people in all professions, from every walk of life, living on every continent in the world except Antartica. For more information or to join one of our forums, visit the Insulin Pumpers website.
Everyone wants the best diabetes care possible for themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, financial constraints can often get in the way. Insulin Pumpers Foundation Pump Assistance Program was created to help overcome financial obstacles that may be a barrier to getting the best diabetes care.

Intensive diabetes management has been proven to significantly improve the quality of life and reduce long-term complications for people with Type 1 diabetes.1   Insulin pump therapy can provide intensive insulin therapy that fits the varied lifestyle needs of adults as well as children and teens. In addition, insulin pump therapy has been shown to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia compared to intensive insulin therapy using multiple daily injections.2    That's why we are committed to helping families who cannot afford the cost of an insulin pump. Along the way, we hope to communicate the benefits of insulin pump therapy for everyone.

Insulin Pumpers Foundation is pleased to offer a program that helps bring insulin pump technology to those in our society who do not have the financial resources to purchase an insulin pump on their own. Because our organization is small and has modest resources, this program is limited in scope and applicants must meet our selection committee's medical and financial criteria to be considered as program candidates. Nonetheless, we hope that in time the program will to grow to accomodate more people.


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